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Open the door on how to...

    1. receive cash on stocks or ETFs you own, without selling them, and realize IMMEDIATE income by selling covered CALLS
    2. receive cash premiums on stocks/ETFs just seconds after a stock/ETF purchase and realize IMMEDIATE income!  Earn 1-4% or more per WEEK on selected stocks/ETFs.
    3. buy insurance against possible stock/ETF declines in the form of covered CALL or PUT options
    4. trade as little or as often as you like---once a week, once a month, once in 2 years!

Did your broker ever tell you about these options?   Learn secrets of the Pros.
You can be empowered with the information needed to act now!

INTRODUCTION TO STOCK OPTIONS training starts with the most basic concepts about STOCK OPTIONS: What option contracts are, what it means to buy and sell them, how and when an option may serve as "insurance" in a portfolio. The focus is placed on selling covered CALL options that allow investors or traders to lease out their stocks/ETFs from 1 week to 3 years! From option theory to a brief introduction of the mechanics of the options marketplace, options training can provide the foundation an individual investor/trader needs for capitalizing on options in their portfolio. Individuals should have prior stock (or option) trading or investment experience and some understanding of online brokerage mechanics.

Introduction to Stock Options (sample)

  1. What are Options and how do they work?
    1. CALL Options (Training focuses on writing/selling covered CALLS.  Covered CALL options are so conservative it's the only option transaction customarily allowed in Trusts, IRAs and 401k Plans)
    2. PUT Options (Training focuses on buying "protective" PUTS.  Advanced traders can sell PUTS.)
  1. Can Stock Options work for you?
    1. Selling covered CALLS works for just about everyone - it's like leasing out your stock/ETF. You can continue to benefit from CALL options even if your stock/ETF falls in price.
    2. Buying PUTS as insurance against stock/ETF declines is a hedge against catastrophes.
    3. Selling PUTS to purchase stocks/ETFs at a 1%-4% discount. (Not recommended for novice traders.)

    4. Note: There are many other option strategies available but they are beyond the limits of introductory training..
  1. Can writing/selling covered CALLS work for you? Yes, generally, if you...
    1. are holding a stock or ETF of 100 shares or more, with a market value at-or-above your cost basis, and want to realize some interim profit or income from your stock or ETF; or
    2. are holding 300 shares or more of a stock or ETF with a market value preferably not more than 30% below your cost basis, i.e., you purchased XYZ Corp at $50 and it's currently trading for at least $35; or
    3. would like to take some profit out of your stock or ETF without having to sell it even if you just bought the stock/ETF 5 minutes ago. (It happens every day!); or
    4. would like a way to realize income from the stock market with less impact from the extreme volatility that can occur.
  1. How can individuals make money on depressed stock holdings by writing/selling covered CALLS? You can cash in on your stock's volatility in trading and time value while waiting for its market value to rise above your cost basis.

The scope of training is dependent upon your trading experience.  Call 831/818-four65zero to get started today!

There are 15 other discussion topics including:  $  picking the right option  $  picking the right brokerage: best bid/ask, fast executions, $0 commissions  $  protecting your portfolio  $  letting the computer trade & watch the market for you  $  FREE online data resources  $  fundamental and technical analysis tools  $  mobile trading apps  $  and more!
Call for more information at 831/818-four65zero to find out how much cash even your depressed stock portfolio can generate for you monthly - 1%, 3%, 5%, more?

Introduction to Stock Options training is also available to small groups. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance or protect your portfolio even if it is languishing. You can only gain from knowledge. Knowledge is power. Without this knowledge, you may be missing out on opportunities that could be yours for the taking - TODAY!

Here's are some examples of covered CALL option transactions:

Here's an example of how you could protect your stock position after a big gap up---assuming you want to keep your stock...
One day, ABC stock closes at $83.00/share.  The next day ABC stock jumps up on earnings results to close at $93.00/share.  Fearing a fall back in price, and giving yourself room for possible, future, unanticipated declines, you could sell the $70.00 covered CALL contracts out one month for $29.00/share (equivalent to a $99.00/share value!)
And guess what...  Bad news strikes 3 weeks later and ABC share price dips below $62.00/share.  You could now buy BACK those CALL options for $9.00/share and keep the difference of $20.00/share. Options contracts are typically 100 share blocks so each block of ABC stock you sold would net $20.00 x 100 = $2,000 in profit!  Nice safety net!

You buy 100 share blocks of JKL stock at $9.00/share and IMMEDIATELY sell next week's $9.00 CALL contracts for $.18/share.  That is called a "Buy/Write" transaction.   So now you have essentially set yourself up for a 2% gain on your stock purchase in 1 week's time!  You keep the $.18/share no matter if the stock goes up or down.  If JKL stock closes below $9.00/share next Friday you keep the stock and can re-sell more call options!

You buy XYZ stock at $7.80/share.  The stock jumps the next day to close at $12.00/share.  You could sell next month's $8.00 covered CALLs for $5.00/share and hold on to the stock.   So somebody PAYS YOU $5.00/share (which you keep no matter what) for their option to buy your XYZ stock at an agreed upon price of $8.00/share anytime between now and one month from now.  If XYZ trades below $8.00/share on-or-before the month is up the CALL option becomes effectively worthless to the holder and YOU keep the shares of XYZ to "lease out" AGAIN if you want.  It doesn't get any better!
BUT you have choices:  Let your stock go for $8.00/share (in addition to the $5.00/share you've already been paid) at option expiration or "roll out" your position to keep the stock AND receive more premiums.  Nice choices!!

Individuals/groups desiring a private session or a phone conference may start by calling 831/818-four65zero (in California).

About the Instructor - Richard Lippi has been an active, online stock and options trader for over 20 years. He is a graduate of several stock and options training courses including Winning Investing and the Market Compass options course given in cooperation with the Pacific Exchange in San Francisco. Richard is a strong advocate of investor education, using communication tools and using the computer to manage portfolio positions.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: Trading in OPTIONS is speculative and, as such, has inherent risks not suitable for all investors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Traders should consult an investment professional before making any options trades if there are any questions regarding the obligation or risks involved. Not all options contracts are for 100 shares of the underlying stock. Equity (stock) contract adjustments and settlements can radically change the character of an option and subsequent obligation of a seller of options. Traders should consult the latest information available regarding the true obligation involved in any stock option before making any commitments (to be discussed further in training).

No part of this presentation should be construed as an inducement to invest in or trade stocks, ETFs or options. Every investor or trader must develop their own strategy for investing or trading and establish a sound plan of risk assessment & management before entering into any trade or obligation. Consult your tax advisor on all tax considerations.

Students/clients should have prior stock (or options) trading or investment experience.

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